All our kittens leave to their new homes when they are, at least, 4 months old, under the following conditions:

- sale contract
- 2 shots of vaccination for Panleucopenia, Rinotraqueities &  Calicivirus
- leukaemia test
- when the kitten goes abroad we also put a Rabies vaccination
- dewormed and deparasited
- marked with a microchip
- with a veterinarian good health certificate
- European Passport
- FIFé (CPF) pedigree

The booking payment is the only booking guarantee. The booking fee will not be replaced.

As all our cats, our kittens live with us at home, and they are use to the home noises, visits, etc.
The "3 months socialization period" is really important in order to breed kittens with friendly and well balanced temper.

Breeding is very serious and important activity to us. We try to do a careful selection of the new owners of our kittens.
To keep a kitten is an important decision, because the cat will share its life with us over 15-18 years.
The new owners of our kittens must be responsible and affectionate persons, who will give to the cat a permanent, loving
and safe indoor home, and of course, all the care needed.

We don't sell cats to homes where they will be allowed to go outdoors freely. The new cat’s home must be prepared
to avoid runaways and unfortunate falls.
We will be very pleased to help you with our advices in order to make your home a safety place to your cat.

To us is very important to keep contact with the cat’s owners. We like to know how the kittens grow, their health,
their temper, and of course we love to receive new pictures.
We are always available to help the new and old owners with our advices and knowledge.

Usually, the names of our kittens are taken from Galicia places, like towns, mountains, beaches, islands...
You can find the real locations of this places searching at Nomenclátor or at Turgalicia web sites.

As our kitten names are in Galician language (called Galego), we are using the Galego alphabet
(different from the Spanish and English ones), in order to naming our litters:

Norwegian Forest Cats Jakobusland*ES
In Gondomar (Pontevedra), Galicia, Spain