Oliveira Jakobusland*ES
Date of birth

GIC S*Garpriket's Rob Roy
(NFO d 09 22)

Colour and pattern
Bicolour blue blotched tabby tortie
EMS code
NFO g 03 22
Aa dd ii S_ tbtb ww Oo
Weight (full condition)
Health information
GSD IV negative (parents tested)

0,00 % (5 generations)

Complete inbreeding: 3,01%


Oliveira was the 3rd in the litter O to born. She is a bicolor blue tabby blotched tortie, the first of this color born in our home.
Oliveira has a very attractive color distribution, with well-defined color patches and the tip of the tail in cream.
In addition to a beautiful color, Oliveira's coat has a nice texture and excellent quality. Oliveira is a long, muscular cat,
although it may have a stronger skeleton. Her head has good triangulation, long straight profile and good chin.
Her ears, with lynx tuft, have good placement and size. Her character is very active, loving and trusting.

Before O litter was born, we had already decided that if a female born to our liking,
would stay home, to ensure Eive generational change, one of our best breeding cats.
When Oliveira was born we liked her a lot, and her evolution did nothing but confirm us in our decision.

Oliveira is an excellent breeding female with really fantastic kittens.

Origin of the name: Oliveira

In Galicia there are some places with the name Oliveira.
One of them is located in the Val Miñor, in the Borreiros parish,
in the municipality of Gondomar (Pontevedra, Galicia).
Between the place of Oliveira and Belesar is the Fraga de Oliveira,
a leafy deciduous forest watered by the river Groba.

In Galician language, the meaning of “oliveira” is “olive tree”.

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Pedigree Oliveira Jakobusland*ES
1ª generation

GIC S*Garpriket's
Rob Roy

NFO d 09 22

NFO n 09 22

GIC S*Chinona's Onyx
NFO f 09 22

IC Coco

NFO as 09 22


EC S*Afrodite's Oasis
NFO n 09 23


Norwegian Forest Cats Jakobusland*ES
In Gondomar (near Vigo), Pontevedra, Spain