Hello, we are Edith and Carlos, both of us biologists and cat lovers.

Our cattery’s name is Jakobusland, and we breed Norwegian Forest Cats.
We are members of FIFé (register nº: 1686) through Spanish FIFé club: ASFE (Asociación Felina Española).
All our cats and kittens are registered in FIFé-ASFE.

Jakobusland started as cattery in 2000, when we bought our first NFO, Fíbi. One year latter we bought our first stud,
Gynkgo. From their first litter together, we took Areosa, and then the Jakobusland family started to grow.

We are from Vigo, in Galicia (North-West Spain) and we lived there with our cats until year 2005,
when we moved to Stockholm(Sweden), for work reasons. As Norwegian Forest Cats breeders we had there
the great opportunity of learning a lot from Swedish breeders and Scandinavian judges, seeing interesting cats and
joining the Swedish cat shows with our cats. We have wonderful memories from our time in Sweden, and we are
very grateful with all the Swedish breeders and friends who help us and made our time in Sweden a fantastic experience.

After 2 years living abroad, we came back to Spain, living for 2 years and a half in Madrid.

At last, in May 2009 our dream of living again in Galicia came true.

All our cats live at home with us in a familiar environment. They share with us all the rooms of the house.

As NFO breeders our goal is to breed healthy NFOs, with good structure and type and with the sweetest temper.



During IX- XI centuries, Vikings, after long ship trips, arrived frequently at Galicia,
which was a kingdom in that time. Well, really, Vikings came to attack us.
They arrived by sea and then explored our territory sailing the rivers.
Today there are still old defence buildings in Galicia, the heredity of these bloody
and brave days. The most famous buildings are The West Towers (Torres do Oeste)
at Ulla’s river, in Catoira. These two towers tried to defend (not always successfully)
Santiago de Compostela, one of the most important and rich cities in Europe in that time.
Today you can see a Viking/Galician drakkar near the West Towers, and every year a great
"Viking Feast" is celebrated, usually in August.

The Vikings called Galicia “Jakobusland” which means “Santiago’s land, St James Land”.
In memory of these first Scandinavian visitors and because the Norwegian Forest Cat is the
“Viking cat”, we called our cattery “Jakobusland”.

Viking drakkar in Catoira (Galicia/Spain)